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Thoughts on Black Mirror S5 E3; Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too

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Spoilers ahead.

After finishing this episode, I initially felt underwhelmed. Then I sat and thought about it for a while and realized it is my favorite episode of what I believe was a stellar season. I think Black Mirror benefits from only having three episodes max.

The thing that got to me most about this episode was its disturbing parallels to Miley Cyrus’s own life. She talked about drawing from her own experiences as Hannah Montana on Disney Channel in a recent interview. It’s horrific to realize how capitalism will choke the life out of teen pop idols and, in turn, their young and impressionable fanbases without batting an eye.

The same can be said for how this episode dissects empowerment feminism. “Girl power” as a phrase has become so asinine and meaningless. What does that mean? It is supposed to be about strength, but the point is that it only goes skin-deep. Distract the masses by making feminism palatable and male-friendly. Make it harmless and marketable, so the real issues like racism, pervasive sexism, trans rights, and abortion are not in focus.

It’s easy for corporations to slap shallow messages of inspiration on t-shirts and sell it as them being “part of the change” when in reality they’re doing nothing but milking a cash cow, a fad. Wherein women will continue to suffer all over the world because this shallow form of empowerment is virtually meaningless.

As an episode, I liked the way this episode unfolded quite a bit, but I admit I still felt some aspects of it fell flat. I’m pretty confused about the entire sub-plot regarding their dad and the pest control. It seemed superfluous. I mean if it was just about their dad being a pest guy and having the truck, fine, but why add the extra scenes?

It’s a small gripe though, in an otherwise exceptional hour of television.

Also not to be a total hypocrite but can they please release all the Ashley Too songs in this… I need them.


Proven Innocent: 5 reasons the show deserves to get renewed

Proven Innocent airs its season one finale this Friday on FOX. But will the show get renewed by the network? Here’s 5 reasons why it should.

It’s that time of year where the networks have to begin deciding what shows they’re going to renew and what pilots they’re going to pick up to series for the new season. FOX is a network known for harsh cancellations, often times with no warning. Plenty of their series have been axed on a cliffhanger. I’m hoping their under-the-radar legal drama, Proven Innocent, can avoid demise.

Proven Innocent stars Rachelle Lefevre as Madeline Scott, a woman who was wrongly accused of murdering her best friend, Rosemary Lynch. Madeline and her brother Levi Scott (played by Riley Smith) were sentenced to prison for ten years by the morally corrupt attorney, Gore Bellows (Kelsey Grammar).

Maddie never stopped fighting for her freedom and eventually got in touch with a lawyer named Ezekiel “EZ” Boudreau (Russell Hornsby). EZ aided in getting both Madeline and Levi out of prison.MORE FROM FOX

Given what she went through, it’s not surprising that Madeline helped found a wrongful conviction firm where she and her team work to set wrongfully imprisoned people free. Most of the cases she takes on have tied to Gore Bellows, who is feeling particularly vindictive since he still firmly believes Maddie guilty of killing Rosemary, even after all these years.

In the most recent episode, we saw the aftermath of Bellows re-arresting Maddie for Rosemary’s murder on account of new evidence. It was one of the best episodes of the season and this Friday will be the season finale.

Hopefully, the finale won’t end on a cliffhanger. If it does, let’s hope FOX gives this gripping new series a second season.

Be warned, if you aren’t caught up on the latest episode or haven’t watched the season at all, there are major spoilers ahead.

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All American – Lose Yourself – Advance Preview: Car Trouble


A new episode of All American is finally upon us! In last week’s episode, Jordan visited Crenshaw and he and Spencer had a terrifying brush with a police officer, one that prompted an uncomfortable but necessary conversation between Jordan and his father. On the happier side of things, Olivia and Leila took steps to repair their friendship and the Beverly football team was able to bond in a way they never had before.

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