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The Sun Is Also a Star is a charming but forgettable teenage romance

Yara Shahidi and Charles Melton in “The Sun is also a Star.” (Warner Bros.)

The Sun Is Also a Star is the latest rom-com trying to cash in on the recent genre renaissance. But ultimately, the movie fails to captivate.

Natasha Kingsley’s (Yara Shahidi), last day in New York, turns into an experiment in love when she meets wannabe poet, Daniel Bae (Charles Melton). Daniel guarantees he can make the reluctant Natasha fall in love with him in under a day, and their testing of this hypothesis is the foundation of The Sun Is Also a Star.

Critics did not like this movie and audiences didn’t even watch it (as demonstrated by its abysmal box office return), but The Sun Is Also a Star deserves a little more credit.

Yes, there is too much schmaltz, and the script made me feel queasy with sweetness in some places, and the leading actors look like they stepped out of a commercial for the perfect skin moisturizer, yet I was touched by the underlying maturity forming the backbone of this teenage love story.

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