Shudder’s Cold Skin is a bizarre Lovecraftian creature feature

Cold Skin is the latest exclusive film from Shudder about an isolated island terrorized by strange creatures come nightfall.

It’s a new month and that means new exclusive films on the horror video streaming service, Shudder. This month delivers Cold Skin and later a film called Don’t Leave Home (to begin steaming Jan. 31st).

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Born to Kill is an unsettling miniseries you might have missed

Delving inside the mind of a teenage boy with psychopathic tendencies, Born to Kill is an unsettling Channel 4 miniseries that may have flown under your radar.

With the bountiful amount of media available across all streaming services on a monthly basis, it’s easy to miss a few diamonds in the rough. Born to Kill is an excellent psychological thriller I missed out on when it debuted this past spring, but thanks to Shudder, I was able to binge all four episodes in one sitting.

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