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Project Blue Book recap: Who died in Season 1, Episode 5?

Hynek dances closer to uncovering Project Blue Book’s real agenda, but in the process he may have discovered something so dangerous, death is the only way to escape.

Ever heard of  the band Foo Fighters? Well in spite of its title, this episode of Project Blue Book isn’t about them, sorry if you were hoping so! The term “foo fighters” actually originated during World War II from US pilots who needed a nickname for any unidentified objects they saw while soaring through the skies.

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Project Blue Book recap: Hynek and Quinn come face-to-face with an alien

Hynek and Quinn infiltrate Operation Paperclip and come face-to-face with an alien subject on the newest episode of Project Blue Book.

Operation Paperclip was a clandestine organization composed of German scientists recruited after the second world war to work on America’s behalf. The goal of the operation was to utilize the knowledge of these scientists and their expertise on German warfare to create more lethal weapons for American arsenals in preparation for the Cold War.

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Project Blue Book recap: The haunting story of the Phantom of Flatwoods

On the second episode of Project Blue Book, a woman and her children spot something unexplainable in the woods. Hynek and Quinn are called in to put an end to the small-town hysteria before it spirals out of control.

The case Project Blue Book draws from this week has many names: the Flatwoods Monster, the Braxton County Monster, the Phantom of Flatwoods, but the story always begins the same.

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Project Blue Book debuts: The eerie truth behind the Fuller dogfight

History’s highly anticipated new drama series about the real study of UFOs in 1950’s and ’60s United States has finally debuted and I’m happy to report the series, named Project Blue Book after its historical counterpart, does not disappoint.

For a little background, Project Blue Book was one of three systematic studies of Unidentified Flying Objects in the US. It began in 1952 before orders were given for the program’s termination in 1969. During its tenure, the study supposedly collected upwards of 12,000 various UFO reports ranging from the easily explained to the downright mysterious.

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