Netflix’s The Perfection offers a subversion of the typical revenge film

Netflix film The Perfection set the internet ablaze last month. We’re looking into how the film quietly subverts the expectations of your standard rape/revenge film.

When The Perfection debuted on Netflix this past May, it caused a division among horror fans. Some lauded the film for its lack of inhibition and boldness while others criticized the movie for its ludicrous premise and over-the-top body horror.

On the surface, The Perfection is a shocking, brutal thriller told at a breakneck pace with enough twists and turns to give you whiplash. Stripped down to bare essentials, The Perfection is yet another rape/revenge film.

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Interview with Black Summer’s Justin Chu Cary

Courtesy of Netflix

Justin Chu Cary, who plays Spears on Netflix’s latest high-octane zombie thriller, Black Summer, chatted with Hidden Remote about the show.

If you haven’t had the chance to watch the new Netflix zombie show, Black Summer, a prequel to Syfy’s Z Nation, then I recommend YOU STOP READING NOW! SPOILERS ARE AHEAD! And also, what are you doing!? Go watch the show right now! It’s a super realistic, gritty and thrilling foray into the zombie genre with a unique spin that sets it apart from other series.

We had the chance to chat with Justin Chu Cary, who plays Spears on the show. You may recognize Cary from his roles on shows like Jane the VirginS.W.A.T., and Lucifer or the 2018 film, Blindspotting.

He chatted with us about his character, Spears’s relationship with Rose, what he hopes for moving forward should the show get renewed (fingers crossed) and lots more!

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Film Reviews

Bird Box vs. The Silence: Which one comes out on top?

Courtesy of Netflix

Netflix’s latest horror film, The Silence, follows a family as they try to survive an infestation of monsters attracted to sound.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina stars Miranda Otto and Kiernan Shipka lead the cast of the new Netflix horror movie, The Silence. The film follows a family as they try and survive a group of prehistoric bat-like creatures known as “vesps” which do not have eyes, but hunt through sound.

Sounds familiar, right? Actually, it’s kind of funny that everyone is calling The Silence a rip-off of A Quiet Place when, ironically, A Quiet Place’s plot is eerily similar to the book The Silence was based on.

The Netflix horror was adapted from the book written by Tim Lebbon, which was published in 2015 — predating A Quiet Place by several years. There were even rumblings of a lawsuit at one point. That said, A Quiet Place is clearly the superior film.

But what about the other Netflix horror film that deals with a civilization being stalked by monsters that limit a key sense, Bird Box? How does The Silence measure up?

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TV Reviews

Black Summer: 6 most WTF moments from Season 1

Courtesy of Netflix

What were the most WTF moments from Netflix’s new zombie series, Black Summer? Who died? Who lived? What happened in the end? Find out here.

Zombie fatigue has not struck Netflix as they commission the Z Nation prequel series, Black Summer. However, I give the streaming giant credit for taking a unique approach to the genre. Black Summer is a well-shot, extremely realistic, story of survival. It puts action first and character second. For some people that will be a welcome change, for others, not so much.

I appreciated the intensity of the show and the alternating timelines. We get to see many scenarios from alternating perspective. It’s also worth pointing out the direction of the series, there are some technically brilliant long-shots, the entire eight-episode season is full of them. It adds to the grounded terror of the show. This feels like it could happen.

Let’s recap the 6 most WTF moments of the first season.

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A Series of Unfortunate Events – Review – Season 3

Sadly the tragic tale of the Baudelaire orphans is coming to a close. Season 3 is the final season of A Series of Unfortunate Events and Klaus, Sunny, and Violet are in more dire straits than ever before.

Their story begins exactly where season 2 left off, in the aftermath of the fall of the Carnivorous Carnival, Klaus and Violet are left barreling down Mount Fraught in the caravan with poor little Sunny in the clutches of evil Count Olaf. Luckily they’re able to save themselves when Violet creates a drop chute but it doesn’t make their circumstances much better considering they’re still stranded in a dangerous mountaintop.

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Black Mirror – Bandersnatch – Review: You’re In Control

After all the secrecy, theories, and buzz surrounding Netflix’s interactive “Choose Your Own” adventure episode of Black Mirror, “Bandersnatch” has finally arrived.

The idea of creating an immersive experience through which viewers will become an integrated part of the story they’re watching play out, is a novel one, albeit one that has been conquered before. The popular Telltale video game series isn’t unlike what Netflix was aiming to do with this special episode but it does open a door to an entire new avenue of storytelling and offer alterations to the television medium as a whole.

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