The Resident: 5 questions we have for Season 3

The Season 2 finale of The Resident has aired and now we’re left to wonder where the characters will go from here after that shocking ending.

The Season 2 finale of The Resident has aired and now we’re left to wonder where the characters will go from here after that shocking ending.

After an extended Season 2, The Resident has finally reached its final hour for the season. Luckily for fans of the show, you can rest easy knowing the medical drama will return sometime this fall on FOX. In “Unbefriended” Kyle finally decided to be a father and show up for Jessie, Nic and Conrad’s relationship got back on track, and Bell made a critical decision concerning Chastain’s future.

As with any good finale, the stakes are high and not every answer is filled in by the end of the hour. Moving forward, The Resident has raised plenty of questions for us to ponder over the summer hiatus.

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Proven Innocent: 5 reasons the show deserves to get renewed

Proven Innocent airs its season one finale this Friday on FOX. But will the show get renewed by the network? Here’s 5 reasons why it should.

It’s that time of year where the networks have to begin deciding what shows they’re going to renew and what pilots they’re going to pick up to series for the new season. FOX is a network known for harsh cancellations, often times with no warning. Plenty of their series have been axed on a cliffhanger. I’m hoping their under-the-radar legal drama, Proven Innocent, can avoid demise.

Proven Innocent stars Rachelle Lefevre as Madeline Scott, a woman who was wrongly accused of murdering her best friend, Rosemary Lynch. Madeline and her brother Levi Scott (played by Riley Smith) were sentenced to prison for ten years by the morally corrupt attorney, Gore Bellows (Kelsey Grammar).

Maddie never stopped fighting for her freedom and eventually got in touch with a lawyer named Ezekiel “EZ” Boudreau (Russell Hornsby). EZ aided in getting both Madeline and Levi out of prison.MORE FROM FOX

Given what she went through, it’s not surprising that Madeline helped found a wrongful conviction firm where she and her team work to set wrongfully imprisoned people free. Most of the cases she takes on have tied to Gore Bellows, who is feeling particularly vindictive since he still firmly believes Maddie guilty of killing Rosemary, even after all these years.

In the most recent episode, we saw the aftermath of Bellows re-arresting Maddie for Rosemary’s murder on account of new evidence. It was one of the best episodes of the season and this Friday will be the season finale.

Hopefully, the finale won’t end on a cliffhanger. If it does, let’s hope FOX gives this gripping new series a second season.

Be warned, if you aren’t caught up on the latest episode or haven’t watched the season at all, there are major spoilers ahead.

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3 Intense moments from The Resident Season 2, Episode 12

A flu frenzy sends doctors and patients alike into a panic on this week’s episode of The Resident, and one patient’s symptoms are so severe it calls for a frightening quarantine.

It’s that time of year. The time when every stranger’s sniffle makes you heighten the collar on your coat and the sound of coughing is enough to trigger your fight-or-flight response. At Chastain, the waiting room has filled with the snot and congestion of the general public, all vying for their ten minutes of doctoral attention and praying they don’t wind up in quarantine for whatever illness is currently hogging the airwaves.

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The Passage: 3 heartbreaking moments from the Fox series

The second episode of The Passage trades in the high-stakes action scenes from the premiere for quieter character-building ones.

With the world of The Passage established and the deleterious agenda of Project NOAH revealed, The Passage takes the time to slow things down and establish characterization for its main characters by showing what choices from their pasts have lead them to where they are in the present.

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The Resident recap: A potential operator error threatens a surgeon’s career

On this week’s episode of The Resident aptly titled “Operator Error”, Chastain reels from the death of one of their own and QuoVadis makes a move to oust one of the best doctors to protect their brand name.

The Raptor’s career is on the line after Bradley dies on the surgical table. (On another note, I really wish FOX hadn’t spoiled his death in the promo from last week’s episode of The Resident).

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The Gifted – hoMe – Review: This is a Losing Battle

With the Inner Circle and the Purifiers on the rise, and the nation more divided than ever, the dream of the X-Men is on the verge of failure. In attempts to revive the Mutant Underground, Evangeline proposes a country-wide meeting.

Meanwhile, Lauren and Andy continue to disagree in their dreams and the Frost Sisters attempt to intervene. Caitlin makes the risky suggestion of connecting with a family member for vital intel, and Lorna tries to secretly investigate Reeva’s plans for the Inner Circle.

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Fans of The Last of Us should check out FOX’s new series The Passage

The Passage is a series that fans of The Last of Us (which is currently stuck in film development hell) might find enjoyable because the main characters’ relationship is very similar to the one that Joel and Ellie share.

The Passage deals with an impending flu epidemic that is set to hit the United States. In order to prepare for it, a clandestine organization known as Project NOAH has begun testing out a new vaccine that will create immunity to all diseases. But there is a cost to this magical cure. All drug trial participants develop medically-induced signs of vampirism.

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The Resident makes its midseason return: Who lived and who died?

In the midseason premiere of The Resident, three characters’ fates are decided, and the consequences of each are shocking enough to prove this show still has plenty of curveballs up its sleeve.

Finally, The Resident, my favorite crazy medical thriller, is back in action! This week we see the effect of Lane’s (Melina Kanakaredes) manipulation on Doctor Bell (Bruce Greenwood) and no one is happy about her getting out of prison on bail, least of all, her many victims. One pays a visit to Chastain this week in dire need of help after Lane’s overactive chemo treatments have left her with severe spinal damage.

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The Passage – Pilot – Advance Preview: The Beginning of the End

FOX is attempting its own shot at the vampire genre tied up with the elements of a medical thriller in its new series The Passage. From the first episode alone, I’m impressed.

For starters, the pilot episode does not feel like a pilot episode at all. Gone is the clunkiness and awkward adjustment period that often plague the beginning of new dramas, and in its place is an emotional yet riveting hour of television that truly feels like the opening chapter of a long, exhilarating, journey ahead.

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The Gifted – meMento – Review: Reconciliation

We begin with Andreas von Strucker in 1985, New Orleans. He visits an antique shop to check on music box he was having fixed and swiftly murders the shopkeeper after he tries to goad Andreas into selling it – but also to keep the secret.

Present day, that same music box is playing quietly on Lauren’s bed as she studies the history of her lineage and Fenris. Reed is worried about her. She’s been obsessively researching and training since their fight at the Purifiers compound. He thinks something may have changed with her, that she could have been affected by fighting alongside Andy.

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