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Fam – Freddy Returns – Review: Baby Got Back

When Nick’s mother catches on to the fractured relationship between Clem and her father, she proposes they invite him to a family dinner for her to work on mending fences in time for the wedding.

Clem is less than enthused by this prospect, and who could blame her? Freddy has been absentee her entire life and even when he does wind up coming to this family gathering he cons Walt out of money for a faux-charity to feed his gambling addiction and brings bloodstained crime scene wine. Picture of class he is not.

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Fam – Pilot – Review

Fam is one of the latest out of CBS’s new crop of sitcoms, I’m guessing they’re seeking for the next one to fill the void left behind by The Big Bang Theory when that comes to an end in a few months. Or even something to complement Mom or fill the space that 2 Broke Girls once filled.

Thus far, Fam isn’t as dark or sardonic in tone as either of the aforementioned sitcoms but it is pretty funny at times and the cast has enough chemistry that I’m interested to see what the show could grow into if it gets the chance.

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