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Legacies returns from its winter hiatus with 3 big reveals

Legacies returns from its winter hiatus with a road-trip episode that answers several burning questions along with presenting several new ones.

On this week’s episode of Legacies we get a road trip of sorts of Hope and Alaric rushing to Landon’s rescue. It’s an excellent outing for the fledgling series that has impressed fans and critics alike with its wit and fresh take on the franchise.

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Roswell recap: 3 things to consider after the premiere

The CW’s newest reboot, Roswell, New Mexico, is an entertaining, socially relevant, and romantic take on aliens with just a dash of the old-school WB charm.

As an ardent CW, teen drama, and supernatural drama fan, I’ve been looking forward to the Roswell reboot since its initial conception. Sadly, the original Roswell is one series I haven’t gotten the chance to watch yet, but I’m kind of glad now since I can watch this new version with nothing to compare it to. (That said, I’m totally going to binge the original someday too, promise).

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3 Female-fronted pilots we’re most excited for in 2019

The 2019 television season is already shaping up to be an exciting one but I wanted to put a spotlight on some of the upcoming female-fronted TV pilots on the horizon with the hopes that one, or all, will be ordered to series.

We’re only a few days into January but I’m already thinking ahead to the many TV pilots currently in production. Highly anticipated shows like WatchmenLovecraft CountyGood TroubleRoswellThe PassageI Am the Night, and Catch-22 are all set to debut this year but what’s even more exciting is thinking about the pilots we don’t know much about yet. Which of these will take us by surprise?

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All American – Homecoming – Advance Preview: Finding Your Place

Previously on All American, Sean was keeping cash at Alvin’s under the belief no one would rob him and that it was a safe hiding spot. Unfortunately, Sean gets roped in with Tyrone and his gang, making him under obligation to sell their dope. This leads Coop deeper into the mix as she tries to protect Sean.

Asher gets drunk after Layla breaks up with him and gets on the microphone in the middle of the Homecoming dance to tell everyone about how he and Olivia had sex. This results in Billy suspending him from the next two football games. In the middle of all this, Jordan is hooking up with a girl from a rival school and she may not be the best influence on him. On another romantic front, Spencer and Layla agree to cool things off because Spencer knows her break-up with Asher is still fresh and he doesn’t want to complicate her life.

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Legacies pays major tribute to The Vampire Diaries in Mombie Dearest

If you’re a fan of The Vampire Diaries then stock up on the tissues before diving into the latest episode of Legacies, it’s full of plenty of nods to the parent series that will make nostalgic fans weepy.

It’s not even the midseason finale of Legacies yet but the show just delivered its best episode yet. “Mombie Dearest” is not only a tribute to The Vampire Diaries universe as a whole, but a well-written, terrifically acted, and thoroughly entertaining chapter. It proves Legacies has a right to stand amongst its predecessors and sparkle with some of the same magic that made those shows so popular.

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