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All American recap: Spencer takes a stand

Spencer takes a stand against gang violence while Coop gets involved in it on a new episode of All American aptly titled m.A.A.d. city.

If you’re a fan of Kendrick Lamar then you’ve probably heard his song “m.A.A.d. city” before, and even if you aren’t a regular listener the song has gained notoriety for the depth, complexity, and emotional core of its lyrics. It’s fitting title for this episode of All American that addresses gang violence in Crenshaw as a parallel to the violence Lamar experienced in his own childhood.

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5 things we learned from the All American winter premiere

On the winter premiere of All American, Shawn’s death is the first domino to fall in a chain that begins in Crenshaw and ends in Beverly Hills.

It’s been several weeks since we left off with All American and I’ve been chomping at the bit for the new episode after the dramatic reveals and cliffhangers of the midseason finale. I’m pretty shocked Billy is sticking to his lie about his son’s drug test. I figured he wouldn’t fess up right away, but to lie straight to Olivia’s face after she asked him about integrity a bold and self-serving decision.

We still don’t learn much more about Spencer’s father, though Spencer does ask Billy about what the Malibu coach meant when he referred to the job Billy stole from him. Turns out the job was being offered to almost 50 different coaches, it wasn’t as if it were just a toss-up between Cory and Billy. Maybe Billy’s NFL experience did boost him over the edge but it was a job he earned.

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7 burning questions All American needs to answer when it returns

All American delivered an emotional, riveting, fall finale that included a shocking death, a long-awaited hookup, and several juicy new developments sure to keep fans theorizing until its much-anticipated return.

Last week’s episode of All American was all about the homecoming dance, and this week’s episode (aptly titled “Homecoming“) is all about the game. Post-dance, everyone is still reeling from Asher’s confessional, none more so than Layla who is dealing with some seriously conflicting emotions. Asher’s life is no picnic at the moment either and doesn’t look like it will be improving any time soon if the events of this episode are of any indication.

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All American – Homecoming – Advance Preview: Finding Your Place

Previously on All American, Sean was keeping cash at Alvin’s under the belief no one would rob him and that it was a safe hiding spot. Unfortunately, Sean gets roped in with Tyrone and his gang, making him under obligation to sell their dope. This leads Coop deeper into the mix as she tries to protect Sean.

Asher gets drunk after Layla breaks up with him and gets on the microphone in the middle of the Homecoming dance to tell everyone about how he and Olivia had sex. This results in Billy suspending him from the next two football games. In the middle of all this, Jordan is hooking up with a girl from a rival school and she may not be the best influence on him. On another romantic front, Spencer and Layla agree to cool things off because Spencer knows her break-up with Asher is still fresh and he doesn’t want to complicate her life.

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