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Why Shudder’s Horror Noire is a must-watch documentary for horror fans

Shudder’s Horror Noire is integral viewing for horror fans who want to know and understand the long history of black horror from the perspective of people who have actually lived it.

If you consider yourself a horror guru of any kind, odds are you’ve come across a long history of various genre tropes ranging from the ill-conceived and improbable to the darker side (and not in a good way). Horror Noire is Shudder’s first documentary feature and it assembles a plethora of black auteurs to dissect the most damaging aspects of black horror while also praising the growth and evolution of the genre as it pertains to black people.

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Monsters hide in heads instead of under beds on The Passage

Shauna Babcock’s tragic backstory is revealed and we learn more about the strange mental connection Doctor Tim Fanning has with the other virals on this week’s episode of The Passage.

The title of this week’s episode of The Passage, “This Should Have Never Happened to You” could easily apply to several characters on the show but I think in this case it most aptly fits Shauna Babcock.

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The Passage
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The Passage: 3 heartbreaking moments from the Fox series

The second episode of The Passage trades in the high-stakes action scenes from the premiere for quieter character-building ones.

With the world of The Passage established and the deleterious agenda of Project NOAH revealed, The Passage takes the time to slow things down and establish characterization for its main characters by showing what choices from their pasts have lead them to where they are in the present.

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M. Night Week: How The Village has remained relevant over the years

Many saw The Village as the beginning of a decline in quality from Shyamalan but its themes about misinformation remain as relevant as ever, even over a decade after the film’s debut.

In 2004, M. Night Shyamalan was coming off of a hot streak with his critically beloved psychological horror films. Audiences were flocking to see any cinematic venture with Shyamalan’s name attached due to his reputation for creating mind-blowing plot twists. The Sixth Sense and Signs were two of his biggest claims to fame but The Village was the first film of his to be met with lukewarm reception.

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