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3 things we learned from Lifetime’s The College Admissions Scandal

Lifetime wraps up its Ripped From the Headlines line-up with the highly-anticipated movie documenting The College Admissions Scandal.

Mia Kirshner and Penelope Ann Miller star in Lifetime’s take on what the FBI has dubbed Operation Varsity BluesThe College Admissions Scandal is the televised version of a highly-publicized scandal that broke earlier this year involving big-name actresses like Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman.

Surprisingly, unlike in the NXIVM cult film they aired in September, we don’t see versions of Loughlin and Huffman in this movie. Instead, the movie focuses on two ordinary mothers who follow loosely in the real footsteps of parents involved.

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Batwoman: Is [SPOILER] going to become the real villain of Season 1?

Thus far, Batwoman has been advertising Alice as the main big bad for the first season. But a surprising twist at the end of Episode 2 might change things.

Rachel Skarsten has been hamming it up as the enigmatic and wily Alice, a villain who fancies herself a character from Wonderland. She and her Wonderland gang have already caused numerous problems for Kate and Gotham at large. But if you thought the twist in Batwoman’s pilot was shocking, you might be surprised at how the second episode ended.

If you haven’t watched both episodes of Batwoman, I advise you to turn back now because there are spoilers ahead!

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Dynasty: Adam Huber spills on Liam’s storyline in Season 3

Dynasty is back for a third season of Carrington drama, and we talked to Adam Huber about Liam’s storyline, his relationship with Fallon, and more.

The CW’s soapy drama series, Dynasty, is finally back for its third go-round, and we chatted with Adam Huber about Liam’s storyline moving forward. During the summer break, Huber was upgraded to a series regular spot alongside co-stars Daniella Alonso (the new Cristal Jennings), Michael Michele (Dominique Deveraux), and Sam Underwood (Adam Carrington).

If you haven’t watched the Season 3 premiere yet, stop reading now as there are spoilers ahead.

A lot went down in the season premiere of Dynasty, including Blake getting arrested, Culhane grappling with prison, and Fallon realizing that Liam has amnesia and no idea who she is. Oh, and Liam’s ex-girlfriend Ashley is back and ready to fight Fallon tooth and nail for him.

Adam Huber talked to us about what we can expect from Liam’s storyline this season, how he feels about Liam and Fallon’s relationship, and lots more.

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Jamie Lee Curtis looks extra banged up in a new photo from Halloween Kills

Jamie Lee Curtis is currently filming the upcoming Halloween sequel, Halloween Kills, and she’s looking a little worse for the wear in a new pic!

Halloween Kills started production last month with filming in Wilmington, North Carolina. We’ve been getting a steady trickle of new information about the upcoming Blumhouse sequel since two follow-ups were announced to the 2018 film.

It’s no surprise that Halloween (2018) did incredibly well at the box office considering it marked the return of original actress, Jamie Lee Curtis, in her iconic role of Laurie Strode. John Carpenter also returned. Both Carpenter and Curtis will continue their collaboration on Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends.

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Good news for All American fans: The CW has ordered more episodes for Season 2

All American fans, get excited! The CW has ordered more episodes for its sophomore drama after a strong return. Find out how many we’re getting in total!

All American just returned this past Monday for its second season and The CW is already ordering more episodes for the show! During the show’s first season, the episode count was increased to 16 episodes in total after steady ratings.

Thanks to a strong return on Monday, TVLine reports that The CW has decided to bump up its initial 13-episode order for Season 2 up to 16 episodes once more!

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Meagan Tandy talks Batwoman and the relationship between Sophie and Kate

Batwoman has finally premiered, and we sat down to chat with show star, Meagan Tandy, who plays Kate Kane’s former flame Sophie Moore on the series!

Have you watched Batwoman yet? If not, tread carefully, there are spoilers below from the series premiere. The latest addition to The CW’s successful DCTV line-up has finally arrived. Batwoman follows Kate Kane, an out lesbian superhero who takes up the new mantle of Gotham’s protector after Bruce Wayne disappears.

We got the chance to chat with another one of the show’s stars, Meagan Tandy (Teen WolfSurvivor’s RemorseUnREAL). Tandy plays the role of Sophie Moore, the ex-girlfriend of Kate Kane, and the second-in-command of the security firm known as the Crows.

She talks with us about her love of performing stunts, the relationship between Sophie and Kate, and what’s to come this season!

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All American: 3 questions we have after the Season 2 premiere

All American is back for its second season, and the series wastes no time in jumping into the major mysteries while introducing a few new ones.

For fans who have been waiting eagerly for the arrival of a new season of All American since the Season 1 finale and new fans who discovered the series this summer on Netflix, welcome back! Last night, the Season 2 premiere of CW’s hit series aired, and we’re already buzzing with questions about what’s coming next.

As for those big cliffhangers we were left with at the end of Season 1, the show doesn’t waste much time before digging into the center of them all. At the beginning of the episode, Spencer is set on returning to Crenshaw to play for Cory. But by the end of the hour, his mind has changed. He’s still undecided about what lies ahead.

In regards to Dillon’s paternity, Grace and Cory agree not to divulge anything. Why bring Dillon into the adult drama? He’s content in believing Cory is his biological father, and it’s clear Grace doesn’t know the truth either. They decide to leave well enough alone. However, speaking of Cory, it seems the mysteries revolving around him are only deepening, which leads us to our first major question.

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Roswell, New Mexico adds two new stars and one should be very familiar

Roswell, New Mexico isn’t returning until midseason, but The CW just released some exciting casting news about a familiar face coming back to the show!

We’re still quite a ways off from the Season 2 premiere of Roswell, New Mexico. But this weekend, at the CW series’ New York Comic-Con panel, the cast and crew revealed some exciting casting news!

Entertainment Weekly reports that Gaius Charles, who previously starred in Friday Night Lights and Grey’s Anatomy, will join the show in a recurring capacity as Bronson. His character is described as being a local farmer with a strong moral center.

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All American: How to watch the Season 2 premiere tonight on The CW

Spencer has a big decision to make and Billy is looking to make serious changes when All American finally returns tonight for Season 2!

It feels like it has been forever since the Season 1 finale of All American premiered this past March but we’ve finally arrived at the Season 2 premiere day! In a few short hours we’ll be reunited with Spencer, Layla, Olivia, Jordan, Billy, Grace, Asher, and more.

A quick refresher on where we left off if you forget: Spencer’s father, Corey, is back in town. Corey is returning to coach football at Crenshaw High and he wants Spencer on his team. Will Spencer give up everything he has acheived at Beverly to give his dad another chance?

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3 ways Mary Stauffer fought back in Abducted: The Mary Stauffer Story

Alyson Hannigan stars in Abducted: The Mary Stauffer Story, based on the book Stalking Mary written by Eileen Bridgeman Biernat.

If you haven’t heard about Mary Stauffer’s abduction in the past, then Lifetime’s new movie, Abducted: The Mary Stauffer Story is an accurate retelling. In 1980, Ming Sen Shiue stalked and kidnapped Mary Stauffer and her daughter Beth while they left a beauty salon. Alyson Hannigan stars as Mary Stauffer.

Fifteen years earlier, Mary was his Algebra teacher. Shiue became obsessed with her. For years before the abduction, Shiue spied on Mary and her family.

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