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The Passage recap: Fanning sets his plan in motion

On this week’s episode of The Passage we find out the real reason Anthony Carter wound up on death row and Fanning makes a big move.

Last week on The Passage, we learned the truth about Shauna’s tragic past. This week, we delve into the story behind the reason Anthony Carter wound up on death row. It isn’t any less harrowing than Shauna’s traumatic tale, though for different reasons.

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Why Shudder’s Horror Noire is a must-watch documentary for horror fans

Shudder’s Horror Noire is integral viewing for horror fans who want to know and understand the long history of black horror from the perspective of people who have actually lived it.

If you consider yourself a horror guru of any kind, odds are you’ve come across a long history of various genre tropes ranging from the ill-conceived and improbable to the darker side (and not in a good way). Horror Noire is Shudder’s first documentary feature and it assembles a plethora of black auteurs to dissect the most damaging aspects of black horror while also praising the growth and evolution of the genre as it pertains to black people.