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Dynasty: Adam Huber spills on Liam’s storyline in Season 3

Dynasty is back for a third season of Carrington drama, and we talked to Adam Huber about Liam’s storyline, his relationship with Fallon, and more.

The CW’s soapy drama series, Dynasty, is finally back for its third go-round, and we chatted with Adam Huber about Liam’s storyline moving forward. During the summer break, Huber was upgraded to a series regular spot alongside co-stars Daniella Alonso (the new Cristal Jennings), Michael Michele (Dominique Deveraux), and Sam Underwood (Adam Carrington).

If you haven’t watched the Season 3 premiere yet, stop reading now as there are spoilers ahead.

A lot went down in the season premiere of Dynasty, including Blake getting arrested, Culhane grappling with prison, and Fallon realizing that Liam has amnesia and no idea who she is. Oh, and Liam’s ex-girlfriend Ashley is back and ready to fight Fallon tooth and nail for him.

Adam Huber talked to us about what we can expect from Liam’s storyline this season, how he feels about Liam and Fallon’s relationship, and lots more.

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