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Annabelle versus Chucky: Who is the scarier doll?

Deadly dolls are a hallmark of the horror franchise. But lately, there are two who are battling it out to be on top. Who is scarier? Chucky or Annabelle?

Two creepy dolls, two successful horror franchises, two chances to die indescribably terrifying ways. If you ask someone to name two dolls in horror they’re afraid of; they will undoubtedly list Chucky and Annabelle. These two aren’t the only freaky dolls out there lest we forget Blade, Brahms, Dolly Dearest, Billy the Puppet, and more.

But these days with Child’s Play getting a reboot and Annabelle the star of the unyielding The Conjuring franchise, it’s not hard to see why Annabelle and Chucky are often pitted against one another.

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