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Gilmore Girls: 5 Times Emily Was The Best (& 5 Times She Was The Worst)

Depending on when you first watched Gilmore Girls your opinion on Emily Gilmore may have evolved over the years. Sometimes the show paints her as the villain and frequent antagonist in the lives of Rory and Lorelai. Lorelai would especially have you believe that Emily Gilmore is evil, at least during the early seasons of the series.

But when watching the show now it’s easier to understand what Emily’s motives were for certain choices she made. Sometimes you can even agree that Lorelai is acting immature over her distaste for her own mother. That’s not to say Emily was always a saint, she did make some bad decisions during the show’s run. We’re looking at some of her best moments, and some of her worst.

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Costume Quest, Happy Death Day 2U, and more to watch this weekend, Oct. 11

Season 1B of Amazon Original, Costume Quest, hits the streaming service this weekend along with some big-name movies for adults!

Amazon has new content for parents and kids to enjoy this weekend. If your child is a fan of Costume Quest, or maybe you are, then get ready to binge-watch a new crop of episodes when Season 1B is released by midnight tonight!

Additionally, new blockbuster movies like MidsommarToy Story 4Spider-Man: Far From Home, and Annabelle Comes Home are all available to rent or purchase right now on Amazon Video. That’s a nice diverse offering including horror movies if you’re attempting to jumpstart your Halloween spirit or a couple of movies the whole family can enjoy together.

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Will Judy be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video?

You don’t want to miss Renée Zellweger’s tour-de-force performance as Judy Garland in the biographical drama, Judy. Will it stream on Amazon Prime?

It’s always a good idea to find out early on if a movie is going to become available on Amazon Prime. If you already pay for the service, what’s the point of spending more money to see in theaters what will eventually be available to watch free from your couch? Will Judy ever come to Amazon Prime?

Unfortunately, if you’re planning on waiting for the Judy Garland biopic to make its way over to Prime Video, you might be out of luck. LD Entertainment distributes the film, the company behind other films like Ben is BackTeen Spirit, and Dog Days. One thing all those films have in common is that they’re now available to stream only on Hulu.

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Star of The Big Bang Theory joins upcoming Amazon musical Annette

Simon Helberg of The Big Bang Theory fame has joined Marion Cotillard and Adam Driver in Amazon’s upcoming musical romance, Annette.

If you’re a fan of DC comics, The Big Bang Theory, and/or Star Wars, then you’ll probably be pleased by the cast of Amazon’s upcoming romantic musical film, AnnetteDeadline recently announced that Simon Helberg would be joining the cast alongside Marion Cotillard and Adam Driver.

The movie will follow a stand-up comedian (played by Driver) and a modern opera singer (Cotillard). Everyone will perform their own singing. Filming is currently underway. Leos Carax will direct the movie. He previously directed the notable film, Holy Motors.

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Amazon snags rights to Leigh Bardugo’s new book Ninth House

Fans of the Grishaverse should get excited. Amazon is set to develop a television series based on Leigh Bardugo’s new novel for adults, Ninth House.

Amazon is determined to break into the young adult demographic. Right now, many fans turn to places like The CW, Freeform, Hulu, and Netflix to get their fix but Amazon has an appealing slate in production and it’s just added another gem. Leigh Bardugo’s first novel for adults, Ninth House, is being developed into an Amazon Original series.

In even better news, Deadline reports that Leigh Bardugo herself will serve as an executive producer on the show in addition to writing the adaptation. Ninth House is set in an alternate universe version of the ivy-league university, Yale. Bardugo herself attended Yale. In this version of the college campus, a secret society exists that guards against magic and ghosts.

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How to watch the Charmed Season 2 premiere live tonight

Season 2 of Charmed is finally here on The CW! Find out what new threats the Charmed Ones will face by watching the premiere live tonight.

It’s been a minute since Mel, Macy, and Maggie graced our screens but they’re finally back tonight in the Charmed Season 2 premiere. The episode, titled “Safe Space,” will see the trio facing off against new threats as they get acclimated to a magical world without Elders.

Season 2 of Charmed is going to be marginally different than the first season. If you haven’t heard, there was a major shake-up behind-the-scenes with new showrunners Liz Kruger and Craig Shapiro taking over the show.

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Creepshow: 3 most twisted moments from Season 1, Episode 3

Creepshow’s third episode offers one of the series worst and one of the best stories from the season at large thus far. Check out the scariest moments.

The third episode of Creepshow is now available to stream on Shudder and it might contain one of the most twisted stories yet. The first half of the episode is a story titled “All Hallows Eve,” about a group of teenagers out trick-or-treating. But it’s not candy that they’re after.

In the second half, we get a strange story about a college student who mistakenly retrieves the wrong suitcase from the airport. Inside the bag he finds a man shoved inside whose pain creates gold. It’s titled “The Man in the Suitcase” and directed by Dave Bruckner (The Ritual).

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