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Meagan Tandy talks Batwoman and the relationship between Sophie and Kate

Batwoman has finally premiered, and we sat down to chat with show star, Meagan Tandy, who plays Kate Kane’s former flame Sophie Moore on the series!

Have you watched Batwoman yet? If not, tread carefully, there are spoilers below from the series premiere. The latest addition to The CW’s successful DCTV line-up has finally arrived. Batwoman follows Kate Kane, an out lesbian superhero who takes up the new mantle of Gotham’s protector after Bruce Wayne disappears.

We got the chance to chat with another one of the show’s stars, Meagan Tandy (Teen WolfSurvivor’s RemorseUnREAL). Tandy plays the role of Sophie Moore, the ex-girlfriend of Kate Kane, and the second-in-command of the security firm known as the Crows.

She talks with us about her love of performing stunts, the relationship between Sophie and Kate, and what’s to come this season!

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