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All American: 3 questions we have after the Season 2 premiere

All American is back for its second season, and the series wastes no time in jumping into the major mysteries while introducing a few new ones.

For fans who have been waiting eagerly for the arrival of a new season of All American since the Season 1 finale and new fans who discovered the series this summer on Netflix, welcome back! Last night, the Season 2 premiere of CW’s hit series aired, and we’re already buzzing with questions about what’s coming next.

As for those big cliffhangers we were left with at the end of Season 1, the show doesn’t waste much time before digging into the center of them all. At the beginning of the episode, Spencer is set on returning to Crenshaw to play for Cory. But by the end of the hour, his mind has changed. He’s still undecided about what lies ahead.

In regards to Dillon’s paternity, Grace and Cory agree not to divulge anything. Why bring Dillon into the adult drama? He’s content in believing Cory is his biological father, and it’s clear Grace doesn’t know the truth either. They decide to leave well enough alone. However, speaking of Cory, it seems the mysteries revolving around him are only deepening, which leads us to our first major question.

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