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Harry Potter: Every One Of Harry’s Quidditch Matches, Ranked

Quidditch is the ultimate sport in the wizarding world. It became such a popular component of Harry Potter that it even translated off-screen to real-life fans who play Quidditch matches and even conduct their own Quidditch World Cupsall over the world. In the magical world, the game is a favored past-time, in school and out of school at big events such as the fourth book’s World Cup.

But we become most familiar with it through the eyes of series protagonist, Harry Potter, who becomes the youngest Seeker. Harry proves himself to be an accomplished flyer and extremely talented on the Quidditch pitch. He wins numerous games and assists the Gryffindor House in winning the long-overdue Quidditch Cup multiple times. We’re ranking all of Harry’s matches from worst to best.

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