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I, Tonya, Destroyer, and Sebastian Stan’s top 10 films of all time (so far)

Sebastian Stan is the Romanian heartthrob we all know and love as Bucky Barnes in the MCU, but he’s been in some other great films too!

Sebastian Stan first graced our screens with early films like Tony n’ Tina’s WeddingRed Doors, and The Architect. On television, he guest-starred in an episode of Law & Order and eventually leaped popular CW series Gossip Girl as Carter Baizen, which jumpstarted his career.

From there, he went on to land his most significant role to date, Bucky Barnes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What initially began as a one-movie role transformed into multiple films across the franchise and an incredibly passionate fanbase.

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Top 10 Six Flags Roller Coasters For Adrenaline Junkies

Are you a Six Flags fan? Everyone has their go-to amusement park, typically based on where they live. Six Flags has locations all over the place so it’s not surprising that many people attend their parks every year looking for thrills on the best roller coasters.

While almost all amusement parks have roller coasters, as they tend to be a huge draw, it can be hard to figure out which coasters will give you the high you’re craving if you’re a huge adrenaline junkie. Here are 10 of the best coasters at Six Flags parks for those of you who can’t get enough thrill-seeking.

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10 Scariest Home Invasion Movies To Never Watch Alone, Ranked

For some of us, home invasion films are the scariest horror movies out there. Unlike the supernatural, paranormal, and even slasher movies, home invasions are the most realistic scenario out there. Some horror movies work hard to make the setting as true-to-life as possible to make it as freaky as possible.

It can be nerve-wracking to watch a home invasion movie alone, especially at night. How can you not imagine someone breaking into your home in the aftermath? Here are some of the scariest home invasion films ever, make sure you grab a buddy before checking these out.

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre: 10 Hidden Details You Never Noticed In The Original Horror Movie Masterpiece

The 1974 horror filmThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre, is considered one of the scariest movies of all time. But the movie is also notorious for having had a troubled period of production due to poor conditions on the set.

Still, the story of the cannibalistic Sawyer clan and the birth of one of horror’s deadliest killers, Leatherface, has produced an epic franchise still revered to this day. There have been several sequels and remakes of the original movie but the 1974 film stands the test of time as a classic. Here are 10 interesting details you might not have noticed on your first viewing.

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Evil Dead 2 and the 15 greatest horror movie sequels of all time

Many people love horror movies, not as many people enjoy horror movie sequels or sequels in general. But here are 15 that stand out as amazing!

Not all sequels are bad; don’t get us wrong. But it’s hard enough to make a genuinely impressive horror film, nonetheless a sequel. The general public scrutinizes horror more than any other genre, often unfairly.

Many people think that if they’re not personally scared to death, then the movie is terrible. They don’t take into account things like being desensitized or if the story was good.

Sequels are graded even more harshly. Let’s face it, Hollywood loves churning out paint-by-numbers sequels, reboots, and remakes because they know it’ll make money, even if it is bad. It’s not unreasonable for people to be apprehensive about sequels and continuations, no matter how much they love the franchise.

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Netflix’s creepy docuseries is returning for a second season very soon

Season 2 of Netflix’s eerie docuseries, Haunted, is debuting on the streaming service in time for Halloween. Make sure you leave your lights on.

Last year Netflix had great success with its anthology series based on real-life horror stories. Each episode of Haunted features someone who has experienced something terrible recounting their stories. The retellings are paired with dramatizations that are sure to leave you spooked.

Season 1’s stories included children terrorized by a woman in white, a daughter who believed her father might have been a serial killer, slaughterhouse haunts, and more. Netflix recently released the trailer for the second season of the docuseries and it looks like things are getting even creepier this season.

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