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The 3 biggest twists from A Working Mom’s Nightmare

Imagine if your perfect life began to crumble, and it wasn’t even your fault. That’s what Kathy faces in LMN’s A Working Mom’s Nightmare.

Lifetime Movie Network begins its upcoming 25 new movies with Shocktober! New thrillers are airing every Thursday and Friday this month. We start with A Working Mom’s NIghtmare based on Jane Lythell’s novel, The Lie Of You: I Will Have What Is Mine. Lydia Wilson, Tuppence Middleton, and Rupert Graves star.

Kathy is attempting to get her groove back at her high-profile COO job after having a baby. But she finds that her replacement has done a better job than she was hoping and her boss wants to keep her on board. It doesn’t take long for Kathy to realize this “Hannah” is much more than meets the eye. She has everyone fooled, but her.

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