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Harry Potter: The Worst Injuries Sustained During A Quidditch Game

We all know how important Quidditch is in the world of Harry Potter and beyond. Even in real life, many fans of the series play their own games of Quidditch aboard broomsticks and everything. Although unfortunately in the Muggle world, we can’t be up in the air. However, Quidditch is also a very dangerous game. There have been many injuries across the series and several that were hinted at in the past history of the franchise.

When you’re playing a game in midair and have a bunch of deadly balls flying around, two with the specific intent to knock you off your broom, things are guaranteed to get ugly. The game is competitive and it’s common for players to take things too far. Of everyone in the books, none has suffered quite as many injuries as our hero, Harry Potter, out on that field.

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