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10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With An iPhone 11

Well, it’s that time again, Apple has just released a brand new iPhone. The iPhone 11 comes in three variations, the 11, the 11 Pro, and the 11 Pro Max. All of the new versions come with three cameras, enhanced speed, and more. Many have praised the new phone as one of the best gadgets to come out of Apple in recent years and well worth the hefty price tag.

If you’re someone who likes to stay updated on all the latest technology then the iPhone 11 will be a must-buy. All this comes on the heels of Apple also announcing its own streaming service, which you can get discounts on and even free months when you purchase the iPhone 11. Here are some of the best functions of the iPhone 11 you weren’t aware of.

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Harry Potter: The Best Seekers In Hogwarts History

One of the biggest events in Harry Potter is Quidditch. It’s the premier sport of the wizarding world. People who attend Hogwarts love Quidditich, it’s an epic past time and the main sport depicted in the series. The entire game is played on broomsticks with members of each team flying and trying to catch the Golden Snitch, which is the Seeker’s job. When reading the books or watching the movies, you’ll see many different games depicted and understanding the rules of the game is surprisingly easy, maybe even easier than some of our own Muggle sports.

But whether the game is being played at school or at the Quidditch World Cup, one thing remains the same, the Seeker is the most integral player. It is the Seeker’s job to catch the Snitch and they often result in the most injuries because a game can only end when the Snitch is caught and whichever team catches it almost always wins. We’re taking a look at some of the best Seekers in Hogwarts history!

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Harry Potter: The Worst Injuries Sustained During A Quidditch Game

We all know how important Quidditch is in the world of Harry Potter and beyond. Even in real life, many fans of the series play their own games of Quidditch aboard broomsticks and everything. Although unfortunately in the Muggle world, we can’t be up in the air. However, Quidditch is also a very dangerous game. There have been many injuries across the series and several that were hinted at in the past history of the franchise.

When you’re playing a game in midair and have a bunch of deadly balls flying around, two with the specific intent to knock you off your broom, things are guaranteed to get ugly. The game is competitive and it’s common for players to take things too far. Of everyone in the books, none has suffered quite as many injuries as our hero, Harry Potter, out on that field.

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Facebook Watch horror series The Birch gets official teaser trailer

Facebook Watch has released the first official teaser trailer for their upcoming horror series, The Birch. The Birch is based on the Crypt TV short film.

A mother’s love never dies, for better or for worse. The Birch is the latest Facebook Watch series and it’s sure to give you the chills. The series is based on the Crypt TV horror short of the same name.

The Birch follows a monstrous creature who only comes when summoned. She executes revenge for the summoner. The series will unfold from multiple character perspectives. Each main character will have their own individual encounter with the Birch when she emerges from the woods.

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