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5 Things Twin Peaks Did Better Than The X-Files (& 5 Things X-Files Did Better)

The X-Files and Twin Peaks are two of the strangest and most influential television shows of all time. Neither of them is a traditional drama series. The X-Files follows two FBI agents, a skeptic and a believer, trying to solve cases of the weird and paranormal all over the country.

Whereas Twin Peaks centered on a small-town where the death of a young, well-liked woman named Laura Palmer shakes the town and everyone in it to its core and unleashes a dark evil on the world. Twin Peaks was an extremely surreal series while The X-Files was more grounded. Regardless, both series impacted the television world heavily and their impact is still felt to this day. Here are some things that Twin Peaks did versus a few things The X-Files beat them at.

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