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Suspiria and 5 underrated witchy movies to watch this Halloween

Trying to find a witch movie to watch this Halloween? Skip Hocus Pocus for one night and consider one of these awesome, underrated films!

The best time of year is finally upon us. Halloween will be knocking down our doors any moment now. If you haven’t already broken out the fall candles and decorations, then I commend your willpower. But we here at 1428 Elm like to start our celebrations early.

Personally, some of my favorite stories are all about witchcraft. Yes, Hocus Pocus is a classic (Freeform is playing it 27 times this October), and Practical Magic gave us Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock as sisters. Halloweentown makes us warm and fuzzy with nostalgia.

But what about the other witch movies out there? Where are those unsung, witch-flying, potion-brewing women on all the “Best Of” lists? Take a break from Hocus Pocus for at least one night this Halloween season and check out some of these underrated films about all things toil and trouble.

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