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Undercover Cheerleader: 5 most Lifetime moments

Undercover Cheerleader closes out Lifetime’s Cheer, Rally, Kill line-up with a murder mystery and a high school journalist trying to get the scoop.

Lifetime wraps up its cheerleading movie special with Undercover Cheerleaderstarring When Calls the Heart star, Kayla Wallace. As far as I know, the story of a high school girl going undercover as a cheerleader to expose an abusive coach on the school newspaper is not based on a real story although it would make for a gripping young adult novel.

Autumn (Wallace) transfers to a new school. While there, she befriends the newspaper editor, Kara. Kara and Autumn come up with an idea for Autumn to go undercover on the cheerleading squad and expose all the supposed hazing.

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