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The Cheerleader Escort: 3 signs your cheerleading team is a secret escort ring

The pom-pom brigade on Lifetime continues with The Cheerleader Escort. What happens when Cassie discovers her new team is more than meets the eye?

In the second-to-last movie of Lifetime’s Cheer, Rally, Kill line-up, The Cheerleader Escort, we meet Cassie Talbot, a newcomer at Tate Riley University. Cassie is persuaded to try out for the cheerleading team. She is hand-picked by Gabby, Brianna, and Coach Stephanie to become one of the “girls.”

It doesn’t take long to find out that some girls on the team are prone to sleeping with wealthy alumni in exchange for perks. The plot to this movie may sound eerily familiar to the 2017 Coast Carolina University scandal, but Lifetime hasn’t said anything about the similarities.

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