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Terror in the Woods and 5 Lifetime movies that are actually scary

Networks are beginning to plan their Halloween schedules and fans are starting their movie marathons. Check out these creepy Lifetime films while you’re at it!

When the clock strikes September 1, it’s Halloween. I don’t care what anyone says. That’s the rule. If I had it my way, I might even extend it into August. But it seems like most people can agree September is part of the “Halloween celebration” window. What better way to get your feet wet in spookiness than by checking out some classic scary Lifetime movies?

I know what’s your thinking, “Lifetime” and “scary” aren’t two words that generally get used in the same sentence. That said, most Lifetime movies involve murder, stalking, torture, blackmail, and manipulation, so maybe we should start classifying them as horror more often.

For now, I’ll stick with introducing you (or reintroducing) to some of the Lifetime original films that could be considered conventionally terrifying.

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