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5 movies to watch on Amazon Prime tonight, Sept 13

Celebrate the release of Amazon’s new animated series, Undone, with some other fantastic animated films like Frozen or The Secret of NIMH.

I blinked and already September is nearly half-way over! Well, there’s some new stuff going on this weekend on Amazon Prime. Undone is a new adult animated series that is garnering plenty of buzz.

But if it’s not your style or you already binged it then we have some other options for you to choose from on this fine Friday evening. Whether you’re interested in a comedy, drama, or something else altogether, we’ve got a suggestion for you.

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Candy Corn teases a new serial slasher in this new freakshow of horror

Don’t miss Tony Todd in this latest frightfest when Candy Corn hits VOD later this month. If you’re a fan of slashers, this movie is a can’t miss.

It’s Halloween night in your average sleepy small town. Candy Corn begins with your typical grab bag local bullies meeting at a diner to plan their next hazing ritual. The victim is a local boy who recently became employed at the town freakshow. They torment him on an annual basis.

“Aren’t you getting a little old to pick on this kid?” The lone girl of the group asks. By the hesitation and dim looks on their stupefied faces, they’d never considered the possibility. There must indeed be nothing to do in this town.

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Beam me up! Aliens are invading IMDb TV this month

Aliens are taking over IMDb TV this month with a huge array of science fiction films and television series available to stream for free!

Are you planning on attending the big semi-joke-semi-real Area 51 raid that “supposedly” takes place next Friday, September 20? Well even if you’re not, IMDb TV is offering a line-up full of aliens and more!

IMDb TV is free to watch through IMDb and on Amazon fire stick devices. You can also sign-up for the IMDb TV channel with your Amazon Prime Video membership.

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