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Satanic Panic is a dream role for actress Rebecca Romijn

Rebecca Romijn stars in the new Fangoria horror-comedy film, Satanic Panic. According to an interview she did with NY Post, the role was a dream for her.

Rebecca Romijn is a former model and accomplished actress who you might recognize best as Mystique from the early live-action X-Men films or from her leading role in the TNT series The Librarians. But her idea of a dream role has always been something in the horror genre. That dream finally came true with a new horror-comedy film, Satanic Panic.

“I am a lifelong horror and gore fan,” Romijn says in a new interview with the New York Post. Additionally, the interview sheds light on Romijn’s role in the movie. She plays the leader of a satan-worshipping cult who attempts to make a poor pizza girl into a sacrifice.

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