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Identity Theft of a Cheerleader: Vicky’s 5 most vicious moments

Lifetime’s Cheer, Rally, Kill line-up continues with another pom-pom worthy thriller. Maira Walsh stars as Vicky in Identity Theft of a Cheerleader.

How far would you go to relive your glory days? Identity Theft of a Cheerleaderfollows Vicky Patterson (Walsh) back to Glendale High School as a 30-year-old to try and make her teenage dreams come true.

We get a taste of Vicky’s insanity early on when she breaks a mirror with her face. Her mother’s disdain for her daughter’s failure (not making the cheerleading team) translates into a lifelong ambition to finally make her proud. No matter what the cost is.

Vicky concocts a plan to be 18 again and follow her mother’s path to success. To do so, she’ll need to become the head cheerleader, date the star athlete, and then become a sorority president in college. We’re talking about the five most vicious things she does to stay on her path to greatness.

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