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Artik: A vicious serial killer thriller as mean as they come

One thing is for certain, DREAD’s new film has a pointed mean streak. You may not be prepared for Artik, which is why you should watch it.

When watching Artik, the only word I could think of to succinctly describe the movie was “brutal.” I think that sums up the visceral carnage you’ll witness in this serial killer thriller.

From the opening shots showing the sinister way our title character and murderer disposes of his body to the ominous, Midsommaresque credit sequence, you will be immersed in the gritty bleakness of the world created by Tom Botchii.

The film is about a serial killer obsessed with comic books. But don’t anticipate seeing anyone nerdy or reading Marvel comics in public. Instead, Artik (Jerry G Angelo) plays the part with utmost sincerity and cold indifference.

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