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10 Perks You Can Actually Expect At 5-Star Hotels

Are you planning to stay in a hotel sometime soon, for a vacation or maybe a business trip? You should consider staying in a five-star hotel room if your budget allows for it. You may have heard of the excellent perks you’ll receive staying somewhere that excels at luxury.

But it can be hard to tell which of those perks are part of an elaborate television fantasy and which are real things you can anticipate when you begin your stay. We’ve compiled a guide of ten genuine perks you can expect if you plan on staying in a five-star hotel.

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10 Things We Wish We Knew Before Visiting Scotland

Scotland is the northernmost most country in the United Kingdom and is known for its natural wilderness, lakes, and valleys. If you plan to visit Scotland, you’ll want to be sure you spend time visiting the many natural delights of the country such as the isles and highlands.

You may also want to spend time in their major cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh, which are brimming with vibrant people and culture. However, there are additional things you should keep in mind before you trek to Scotland, such as the weather conditions, their national animal, when to tip, and what haggis is! Here are 10 important things to know before visiting Scotland.

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1428 Elm

Carnival Row is a gruesome surprise horror fans shouldn’t miss out on


Carnival Row is Amazon’s latest original series. The dark fantasy show is a gruesome surprise that should be the perfect fit for horror fans.

I’ve been anticipating Carnival Row since the series was first announced. But I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do now. The dark fantasy series is surprisingly grim and packs more intestines than your average episode of The Walking Dead.

The story centers around Burgue, a city predominantly composed of human citizens but one that allows for the fae (non-human species) to live there in supposed harmony. Of course, racism is alive and well in Burgue. The humans have all types of slurs for the fae, which includes all sorts of creatures such as actual fairies and Puck (goat-like creatures).

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Legacies: 8 details, new castings, and more to keep in mind for Season 2

Season 2 of Legacies will be here before you know it. Here are eight crucial things to remember, in addition to new character details, before it premieres!

If you’ve been binge-watching Legacies on Netflix, then I’m sure you’re dying to find out everything you can about the upcoming second season. For those of you who haven’t watched since the season one finale, you may need a quick refresher before season two begins!

Either way, the following spoiler-filled guide is perfect for all Legacies fans out there. We’re covering the essential moments from season one to keep in mind and all the news we’ve received about the impending season so far!

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5 TV shows to watch if you love Carnival Row

Did you finish watching all eight episodes of Amazon’s amazing new dark fantasy series, Carnival Row? Here are five great shows to watch next!

Carnival Row is the latest Amazon Original series and it’s just so good you can’t be blamed for finishing it all in one sitting! At only eight episodes, that’s not hard to do. Plus, the series is set in a lush fantasy world and follows the hunt for a monstrous killer.

The cherry on top is the actors. It stars Cara Delevingne and Orlando Bloom, but the entire ensemble is fantastic. Luckily, fans don’t have to fret over the series’ renewal status. Carnival Row has already received a Season 2 order and will be going into production again quite soon. In the meantime, here are five other series you should watch with a similar vibe.

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Amazon Prime Video releases new teaser for thriller series The Family Man

Amazon Prime Video is inviting you to take a sneak peek at their upcoming Amazon Original thriller series, The Family Man. Check out the teaser trailer!

Do you enjoy Amazon Original series like Jack Ryan? Then The Family Man, an upcoming drama-thriller series, should be the perfect fit for you. Amazon Prime Video has released the first official teaser trailer for the upcoming show starring Manoj Bajpayee.

Bajpayee plays the main role of Srikant Tiwari, an undercover spy and family man. He is your typical, middle-class guy trying to raise his family, but he also doubles as a world-class superspy. While trying to protect the world from terrorists, he must also keep his family safe from the enemies he makes along the way.

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Screen Rant

Harry Potter: 10 Hysterical Hogwarts Founders’ Logic Memes

Even though we never get to meet the founds of Hogwarts, we cannot deny the impact Salazar Slytherin, Rowena Ravenclaw, Helga Hufflepuff, and Godric Gryffindor had on the entire wizarding world at large. If it weren’t for these four, Hogwarts wouldn’t exist at all. Their impact can be felt across the entirety of the Harry Potter franchise.

Whether it be Godric’s sword, Slytherin’s Chamber of Secrets, or the fabled Ravenclaw tiara-turned-Horcrux, J.K. Rowling took meticulous care with folding them all into the mythos. Many fans are passionate about creating intricate backstories and headcanons about the founders. There are tons of hilarious memes charting their potential Hogwarts journeys. We’re sharing ten great ones on this list.

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