Dark Pictures Anthology teases next game: Is it about witches?

Man of Medan just released a couple of days ago, but the trailer for the next game in the Dark Pictures Anthology, Little Hope is already out! Is it about witches?

If you spent your Labor Day weekend playing the Until Dawn follow-up, Man of Medan, from Supermassive Games like I did then you saw the awesome teaser trailer for Little Hope.

Man of Medan was the first official release in the planned horror game anthology series titled Dark PicturesLittle Hope will be the second game in the series. So far, we know it will feature a performance from Will Poulter who you’ll recognize Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and Ari Aster’s Midsommar.

Beyond Poulter’s casting, the teaser only gives us the briefest taste of what we can anticipate from the next installment. It will be a terrestrial, Stephen King-esque setting as opposed to the sea-faring horror faced in Man of Medan.

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