All American: 6 important things to remember heading into Season 2

All American is set to make its return this October. Before it comes back, we’ve got the perfect refresher to Season 1 plus new details about Season 2!

Are you looking forward to checking in on the Bakers and the James families when All American returns? We’ve got the scoop on what you can anticipate from the new season in addition to some crucial reminders you’ll need to keep in mind before season two kicks off.

Please keep in mind that this guide is full of spoilers. If you haven’t finished binge-watching All American’s first season on Netflix, then you’ll want to bookmark this page to return to later!

For starters, keep an eye out on the site for an upcoming interview with All American star, Karimah Westbrook! I got to speak with the lovely actress, who plays Grace James on the show, about what we can expect from season two.

The interview will be published closer to the October 7 premiere date, but I can confirm there will be some new characters introduced into the second season of the series, although she wasn’t able to give me many details about who or what role they’ll play.

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