When will In the Dark Season 2 premiere on The CW?

You finished binging all of In the Dark Season 1 and now you’re dying to know when Season 2 will air, right? Well, we’ve got an idea of when to expect it!

In the Dark is The CW’s newest original series. It’s one of the few shows on the network that isn’t a reboot, sequel, spin-off, or part of the DCTV verse. All of that makes it something of an anomaly.

It’s surprising the series was renewed, considering while it was airing it didn’t generate high ratings. However, since In the Dark made its Netflix debut, the series has become increasingly popular on social media and the streaming platform.

When it returns for its second season, we can expect to see the ratings uptick as has happened with previous CW series in the past, such as Riverdale.

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