6 things to watch on Netflix after you finish In the Dark

You just raced to the ending of In the Dark and now you’ve got nothing left to watch! Don’t worry, we’ve got a couple of suggestions to keep you busy.

In the Dark premiered this past winter on The CW, but many people are just discovering the show now due to its recent Netflix debut. It’s a great series to watch over the summer. Murphy is blind and thinks she’s discovered her best friend’s body in an alleyway. Unfortunately, by the time the cops arrive, there is no body.

She spends the entire 13 episodes of season one desperately trying to solve the mystery of what happened to her pal, Tyson. You’ll get sucked in right away due to the show’s dark humor and the incredible acting on behalf of the series lead, Perry Mattfeld. The series has plenty of other lovable characters too and a surprisingly more adult theme than what The CW typically airs.

If you’ve finished Season 1 and are currently reeling from that shocking ending, we have a few other shows you should check out! Season 2 of In the Dark is still several months a ways off but Netflix has lots of other great content to jump into.

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