10 Things Only People Who Ride First Class Travel Buses Know

Traveling is fun, but sometimes the actual journey to your destination can be a miserable experience. Driving can get you stuck in traffic, airplanes, buses, and trains mean sitting next to strangers or cramped quarters for long hours. The point is, even though you’re eager to go to the Bahamas or visit your family, getting there can be a drag.

Well, unless you’re someone who travels first-class often. First-class people probably don’t understand why some people hate to travel because they’re living in the lap of luxury. There are some things only those who ride first-class know, particularly when it comes to luxury bus lines.

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10 Secrets Disney Parks Staff Don’t Want You To Know

We all think of Disney World as the happiest place on earth. Most people have Disney World on their vacation bucket list, many even have the other Disney Parks on that list too. But did you know there are some secrets about the Disney Parks that cast members and employees don’t want you to know about?

Maintaining the illusion of magic is the biggest priority of everyone working for Disney, and, to do so, there are strange and even eerie things that must be done. From Discovery Island to the truth about why the park smells so good, we’ve got some juicy secrets to share with you.

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Your favorite toys are coming home with Toy Story 4 on DVD in October

The best toys in the world are back for a brand new adventure in Toy Story 4. Take it home on DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K UHD in October 2019!

Make sure to pick up Toy Story 4 when it becomes available so you can be treated to tons of brand new bonus features. The fourth film features Woody embarking on a new adventure and introduces a beloved character named Forky.

There are several ways for you to own Toy Story 4, depending on what works best for you and your family. The movie becomes available a week early on Digital 4K Ultra HD and SD. The digital version will contain two exclusive extras, including a deleted scene!

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What to watch this weekend on Prime Video [Aug 24-25]

Hopefully, you’re in the mood for some serious laughs this weekend because Amazon is stocking some excellent new comedy series you won’t want to miss.

It’s official, only one more week until highly anticipated Amazon Original, Carnival Row, debuts on the streaming platform! But Amazon isn’t slacking off this weekend so don’t worry, there’s plenty of new content to keep you busy.

With the temperatures on the rise (and the humidity) no one wants to be outdoors for too long. Instead, settle in for some hilarious new comedy series over the weekend of August 24-25.

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All horror movies and television coming to DVD and Blu-ray in September

From Child’s Play to Ma to Supernatural, check out our complete guide to all things horror releasing on DVD and Blu-ray in September 2019.

It’s almost Halloween season which means it’s time to stock up on plenty of DVDs and Blu-rays to get yourself in the horror mood. Tons of great new content is hitting the shelves in September including new releases like Child’s Play and Ma. Plus don’t miss out on new seasons of American Horror Story and Supernatural!

American Horror Story: Apocalypse

Season eight of American Horror Story served as something of a crossover between the first season’s Murder House and the third season’s Coven. In the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse, the world’s elite survives in secure outposts. These outposts were created by a group known as the Cooperative. But the arrival of Michael Langdon throws everything into chaos and a battle between good and evil brews.

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The Purge Season 2: USA finally announces the premiere date!

USA has finally announced the premiere date for the upcoming season of horror series, The Purge, a spin-off of the popular film franchise.

The Purge is one of the big horror franchises of the moment with four films under its belt and a fifth film underway. But The Purge creators weren’t content to solely take over the big screen, they’ve carved out a nice niche for themselves on television too.

What would you do if you had twelve hours in a lawless existence? That is the concept behind The Purge. Ordinary people are suddenly faced with a world where, once a year, they can do whatever they want without consequence for twelve consecutive hours.

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