Who should play the title characters in the adaptation of The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon?

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Many thought Stephen King’s The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon was lost to the black hole where unfinished scripts go, but an adaptation is finally on its way!

Originally, the legendary George A. Romero was going to direct an adaptation of one of Stephen King’s lesser-known books, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. Sadly, when Romero passed away, the script was buried in the Hollywood abyss.

But now, per The Hollywood Reporter, Romero’s wife, Chris Romero, will be teaming up with the producers behind King’s latest big-screen hit, It, to bring Tom Gordon to life.

If you haven’t read The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, I recommend it. It’s not the typical King-brand of horror. The book is far more psychological than we’re used to and has been branded as such.

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