When will Angel Has Fallen be available on DVD and Blu-ray?

The sequel to London Has Fallen arrives with Angel Has Fallen, an exciting new action film. When can you buy it on DVD and Blu-ray?

If you watched previous Gerard Butler movies Olympus Has Fallen and London Has Fallen, then you probably know what to anticipate with the new movie, Angel Has Fallen. Mike Banning returns when he is called in by President Alan Trumball.

Banning serves as Trumball’s “guardian angel,” given his status as Secret Service Agent. He is in the middle of a fishing trip when a brutal drone attack occurs and nearly kills them both.

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When will Ready or Not be available on DVD and Blu-ray?

Ready or Not is the smart and darkly comedic film that is taking critics and moviegoers by storm. When can you buy it on DVD and Blu-ray?

No one anticipated that Ready or Not would come out of the woodwork and emerge victorious as one of the highest-rated horror movies of the summer. It’s only real rival at this point in Ari Aster’s Midsommar, but Ready or Not seems to be more of a crowd-pleaser for casual movie fans.

The film stars Samara Weaving, a rising star in the genre since her stint in the Netflix film, The Babysitter. She plays Grace, who has just gotten married to the man of her dreams, Alex Le Domas (Mark O’Brien).

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AHS: Apocalypse and all things horror coming to Amazon Prime in September 2019

Halloween season is right around the corner. Get in the mood with Amazon’s September horror picks including AHS: Apocalypse and Ma!

September means it’s the back-to-school season, which is a total bummer. But it also means we’re almost into fall and Halloween! There is no better time to indulge in horror and Amazon is supplying fans with several new selections from recent favorites to old classics.

If you didn’t get the chance to catch Octavia Spencer’s sinister turn in Ma, you’ll be able to rent it this month through Amazon Video! And while you’re watching American Horror Story: 1984, be sure to catch up on last season’s apocalyptic showdown.

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Who should play the title characters in the adaptation of The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon?

WASHINGTON, DC — 10/25/16 — Trevante Rhodes (left) and Andre Holland star in the coming of age movie, Moonlight…by André Chung #_AC19247

Many thought Stephen King’s The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon was lost to the black hole where unfinished scripts go, but an adaptation is finally on its way!

Originally, the legendary George A. Romero was going to direct an adaptation of one of Stephen King’s lesser-known books, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. Sadly, when Romero passed away, the script was buried in the Hollywood abyss.

But now, per The Hollywood Reporter, Romero’s wife, Chris Romero, will be teaming up with the producers behind King’s latest big-screen hit, It, to bring Tom Gordon to life.

If you haven’t read The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, I recommend it. It’s not the typical King-brand of horror. The book is far more psychological than we’re used to and has been branded as such.

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After the Wedding cinematographer Julio Macat talks to us about the beauty of the film


After the Wedding is a new drama film starring Julianne Moore, Michelle Williams, and Billy Crudup. We spoke with the film’s cinematographer, Julio Macat.

f the name After the Wedding sounds somewhat familiar, you may have seen the 2006 film of the same name that starred Mads Mikkelson. The 2019 film is a remake of the movie, but the roles have been swapped to make the two leads female instead of male.

Isabel (Michelle Williams) is the co-founder of an orphanage in Kolkata. She travels to New York to meet with a potential benefactor named Theresa (Julianne Moore). The day of their meeting happens to fall right before Theresa’s daughter is set to be married. Isabel winds up in attendance at the wedding and suddenly finds her past coming back to haunt her.

With such an esteemable cast and dramatic story, it’s hard to resist the allure of a film like After the WeddingAccomplished cinematographer, Julio Macat, whose work you’ve previously seen in movies like Home AloneThe Wedding PlannerPitch Perfect, and A Walk to Remember, chatted with us about the process of crafting an intimate and meaningful film and what it was like working with incredible actors like Moore and Williams.

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