Interview with Swamp Thing star, Derek Mears

Derek Mears talks to 1428 Elm about how amazing it was to work with talented artists like James Wan, Crystal Reed, and more on season one of Swamp Thing.

Derek Mears has played his fair share of monsters over the years. From the classic Predator in the 2010 film, Predators, to Jason Voorhees himself in the 2009 Friday the 13th remake, Mears knows his way around special effects and prosthetics. His latest project is one of his most daunting, yet rewarding, projects as he takes on the iconic mantle of DC hero, Alec Holland, also known as Swamp Thing.

Mears shares the title role with Andy Bean, who portrays the human side of Alec, while Mears dons an elaborate (but practical) suit to play the guardian of the green. We had the opportunity to chat with Derek Mears about his work on season one of the DC Universe show, Swamp Thing. He tells us about his work with the cast, his process for getting into character, his hopes for the series’ future and much more!

1428 Elm: What were your initial thoughts when you first read the script for Swamp Thing?

Derek Mears: I get to be part of something super cool. When the writers and showrunners came up with this idea for Swamp Thing my jaw just dropped. I was so excited. It’s magic. I was eager to jump into it as soon as possible.

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