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Quick Thoughts: The Guilty Friend by Joanne Sefton

The Guilty Friend via Avon Books UK
via Avon Books UK
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Synopsis: Cambridge, 1986. Alex, Karen, and Misty are an inseparable trio at Cambridge University – one can never be found far from the others. But when Alex dies suddenly, the remaining two friends can’t look one another in the eye – knowing they both had a part to play in her death.

Present day. Misty and Karen haven’t spoken in years, but, convinced she has seen a picture of Alex alive, Karen doesn’t know who else to turn to. She soon becomes obsessed with a past she thought she’d left behind her… and her life begins to spiral out of control.

Because, when you’re living in the past, who is keeping an eye on the present?

Full review and rating will be posted on June 20th.

For starters, this book is not your average thriller! I’m not sure I would even consider it a thriller. I understand what the author’s intentions were in creating an unconventional thriller where the antagonist is different than what you would anticipate but not sure it plays out exactly as is expected.

Also a warning that this book deals heavily with the topic of eating disorders, specifically anorexia. I felt it was tastefully done but it is definitely difficult to read at times.

Despite feeling mislead by the book synopsis and genre category, I found The Guilty Friend to be an emotionally compelling read, even if it wasn’t always as engaging as I wanted it to be.

The Guilty Friend will be published on June 24th!