The TV glut: An era of cancellations is upon us

One Day at a Time
One Day At A Time – Courtesy of Netflix

While we’re currently living in the golden age of television, we’re also living in an era of the streaming wars. What does that mean for your favorite shows?

Obviously, television is not the same as it used to be. With streaming being the way of the future, much has changed in terms of how our favorite television shows are delivered to us and viewed by audiences. That means there is also an influx of content, and as they say, too much of a good thing is never actually a good thing.

Recently, Netflix cancelled the critically beloved sitcom, One Day at a Time. It caused quite the uproar on social media with countless hashtags being started in support of the series.

The same thing happened not too long ago when Freeform cancelled Shadowhunters. With the clamoring fans being so intense (the Shadowhunter fandom is perhaps, one of the most impressive fandoms I’ve ever seen in the modern era – even managing to crowdfund their own billboard) why would the shows be cancelled in the first place?

It’s simple, passionate fandoms do not always equate to huge viewership. Often times a show can breed an intense following but it will be still be a small one. As sad as it is, most media conglomerates cannot justify paying for a show just for a vocal minority.

Occasionally it does happen. Lucifer and Brooklyn Nine Nine are great examples of series that were rescued by other networks to be given a second chance at life despite having low ratings. Sometimes it works out and that’s awesome!

But I fear we are coming upon an era that will be rife with one-season wonders or shows being cancelled on cliffhangers. Why? Because there is simply too much television being made.

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