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Black Summer: 6 most WTF moments from Season 1

Courtesy of Netflix

What were the most WTF moments from Netflix’s new zombie series, Black Summer? Who died? Who lived? What happened in the end? Find out here.

Zombie fatigue has not struck Netflix as they commission the Z Nation prequel series, Black Summer. However, I give the streaming giant credit for taking a unique approach to the genre. Black Summer is a well-shot, extremely realistic, story of survival. It puts action first and character second. For some people that will be a welcome change, for others, not so much.

I appreciated the intensity of the show and the alternating timelines. We get to see many scenarios from alternating perspective. It’s also worth pointing out the direction of the series, there are some technically brilliant long-shots, the entire eight-episode season is full of them. It adds to the grounded terror of the show. This feels like it could happen.

Let’s recap the 6 most WTF moments of the first season.

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