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The Luminous Dead by Caitlin Starling – My review will be posted soon, but I was given a copy of this book by Harper Voyager in exchange for an honest opinion. I enjoyed this more than I thought I would! I was pleasantly surprised by the genuine psychological thriller aspect and the intensity of the tension building. The love story between the two main women was a welcome addition to the novel as well. The character development of both Gyre and Em was a high point.

Limetown: The Prequel to the Podcast by Cote Smith – Page Count: 25% – I’m not sure what to make of this quite yet. I loved the original podcast and I’m interested in the Limetown lore but thus far the book is a bit tedious and dull for me. Though it is well-written. I intend to finish it and hope it picks up a bit more as it goes along.

Silent Sisters by Joanne Lee – I haven’t started this one yet but it is my next ARC. It’s a non-fiction true crime book about the horrific crimes committed by her mother.

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Mainly I’m obsessed with just how adept Diane Guerrero is at playing the 64-personality character of Jane. I mean I’m obsessed with Doom Patrol as is for being a daring, bold, and whacky new take on the superhero genre but Diane steals every single scene she’s in – no matter which “alter” is in control. I highly recommend anyone who hasn’t started this show yet to give it a shot! There is nothing else like it on television right now.


Little – Jordan is a take-no-prisoners tech mogul who torments her long-suffering assistant, April, and the rest of her employees on a daily basis. She soon faces an unexpected threat to her personal life and career when she magically transforms into a 13-year-old version of herself right before a do-or-die presentation. Jordan will now need to rely on April more than ever — if April is willing to stop treating Jordan like a 13-year-old child who has an attitude problem.

Hellboy – Based on the graphic novels by Mike Mignola, Hellboy, caught between the worlds of the supernatural and human, battles an ancient sorceress bent on revenge.

After – Tessa Young is a dedicated student, dutiful daughter and loyal girlfriend to her high school sweetheart. Entering her first semester of college, Tessa’s guarded world opens up when she meets Hardin Scott, a mysterious and brooding rebel who makes her question all she thought she knew about herself — and what she wants out of life.


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