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Single Parents – The Shed – Review: I Want a Divorce

Need a refresher? Read my recap of last week’s episode here.

Emma and Amy get into their very first fight when Douglas discovers Emma is mathematically gifted. Amy feels as if her sister is going to outgrow her and leave her behind and she’s also jealous of Emma being “special” whereas she feels she isn’t. This manifests in several physical altercations between the two girls, who, Douglas proclaims, have never fought before this.

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All American recap: Everyone deserves a second chance

College recruiters paid a visit to Beverly in this week’s episode of All American, but what happens when Spencer gets the offer he’s been waiting for, only to learn it may come at the cost of his integrity?

This week’s All American is all about a future of possibilities. It’s why Spencer and Jordan are both stressed about the combine event and the opportunity to impress the college scouts. Spencer needs to win a full ride scholarship if he wants the chance of being able to afford college and Jordan is desperate to prove himself as great on his own merit – not just because he’s Billy Baker’s son.

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Deadly Class – Snake Pit – Review: The Other White Meat

The animated backstory this week goes to Billy. You know, the mullet-wearing-psychotic-goat-banger from the end of the last episode who has it in for Marcus? That Billy.

There is a sinister undertone to their relationship we don’t understand yet. Mostly we just learn Billy is way too fond of dogs and he has tormented Marcus, who is seen holding a nail bomb before we cut to the title screen.

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Monsters hide in heads instead of under beds on The Passage

Shauna Babcock’s tragic backstory is revealed and we learn more about the strange mental connection Doctor Tim Fanning has with the other virals on this week’s episode of The Passage.

The title of this week’s episode of The Passage, “This Should Have Never Happened to You” could easily apply to several characters on the show but I think in this case it most aptly fits Shauna Babcock.

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Roswell, New Mexico recap: Did Max kill Rosa Ortecho?

On this week’s episode of Roswell, New Mexico, Liz is intent on discovering the truth about Rosa’s murder, and in the process she learns a shocking truth about Max.

Roswell, New Mexico begins with a determined Liz testing out her “Max killed Rosa” hypothesis. If Liz can prove Max’s electromagnetic abilities are as capable of harming as they are healing, she may have her first solid lead. Max is willing to be her lab rat, if only to be close to her. Liz isn’t doing the best job at cloaking her true feelings for him either, what with all the lingering looks and lip glances.

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Project Blue Book recap: Hynek and Quinn come face-to-face with an alien

Hynek and Quinn infiltrate Operation Paperclip and come face-to-face with an alien subject on the newest episode of Project Blue Book.

Operation Paperclip was a clandestine organization composed of German scientists recruited after the second world war to work on America’s behalf. The goal of the operation was to utilize the knowledge of these scientists and their expertise on German warfare to create more lethal weapons for American arsenals in preparation for the Cold War.

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