The awful truth behind Lifetime’s newest film Love You to Death

Academy Award winner, Marcia Gay Harden, stars as the fictional counterpart of Dee Dee Blanchard in Lifetime’s latest film, Love You to Death.

Love You to Death is a fictional retelling of the events leading up to the murder of Dee Dee Blanchard. If you frequent the true crime circuit then odds are you’ve heard about this case in great detail since the 2017 HBO documentary, Mommie Dead and Dearest, put it back into the public eye.

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Speechless – O– OUR M-A-G–MAGEDDON – Review: Mini-Maya

Maya and Dylan are at an annual mother/daughter tea when Dylan gets some unsettling news. The reason she and her mom never fight is because, according to Maya, Dylan is a mini-me. She looks on in horror at this revelation.

JJ’s student film, Late August Rain, premieres to tremendous acclaim from the classroom. Until the Q&A takes a personal slant, framing JJ’s blossoming feelings for Izzy as a betrayal against Ray’s. But luckily the whole thing is a dream, a very weird dream featuring a minotaur and Ray in a grandma outfit for some reason. 

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