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The Other Two – Pilot – Review: Marry U At Recess

The Other Two opens with a menagerie of clip shows. The Next Big White Kid has gone viral and his name is Chase Dreams. You heard that right. He and his mother Pat are sitting down to chat with The Today Show about his newfound success and buzz off his first and only hit single, “Marry U At Recess”. But what about Chase’s siblings?

Well Cary is doing auditions for roles like “Man at Party Who Smells Fart,” I wonder which Adam Sandler film he was trying out for? And their sister, Brooke is sleeping in one of the homes she’s trying to sell and eating washing machine pizza. To he credit though, air mattresses are really hard to fold up. 

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The Good Place – Pandemonium – Review: Machinery Fulfilling its Cosmic Design

It is unfortunately time for The Good Place season finale. It has been a crazy season with lots of traveling and growth for our characters. Chidi and Eleanor are finally happy and together! But their relationship is painfully short-lived.

When we left off last week, Michael was having a mental breakdown from the pressure of having to play architect again to a new group of humans so Eleanor takes over for him. Turns out, she really isn’t so bad at this whole architect thing! Before she became a good person and all she was an excellent liar, a habit that comes in handy as she shows John Wheaton around. 

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Legacies returns from its winter hiatus with 3 big reveals

Legacies returns from its winter hiatus with a road-trip episode that answers several burning questions along with presenting several new ones.

On this week’s episode of Legacies we get a road trip of sorts of Hope and Alaric rushing to Landon’s rescue. It’s an excellent outing for the fledgling series that has impressed fans and critics alike with its wit and fresh take on the franchise.

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