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New Amsterdam – A Seat at the Table – Review: Full Chemo

Iggy has a patient again! Finally. I feel like its been ages since we’ve seen him with a new psych patient but maybe it was just the hiatus that made it seem that way. Either way, this guy has an imaginary wolf (and I typed this I heard some howling outside my window… creepy) that plagues his daily life in nightmarish hallucinogenic attack scenarios. Iggy’s job will be to work out why that is.

With his delusions growing, Iggy talks with the patient’s father to get clarity on how they would to proceed on the case. If he has the surgery then part of him could be fundamentally altered. Parts of his personality could change, interests, hobbies, etc. But his dad is willing if it means saving his life. He’d rather lose parts than the whole.

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