All American – Homecoming – Advance Preview: Finding Your Place

Previously on All American, Sean was keeping cash at Alvin’s under the belief no one would rob him and that it was a safe hiding spot. Unfortunately, Sean gets roped in with Tyrone and his gang, making him under obligation to sell their dope. This leads Coop deeper into the mix as she tries to protect Sean.

Asher gets drunk after Layla breaks up with him and gets on the microphone in the middle of the Homecoming dance to tell everyone about how he and Olivia had sex. This results in Billy suspending him from the next two football games. In the middle of all this, Jordan is hooking up with a girl from a rival school and she may not be the best influence on him. On another romantic front, Spencer and Layla agree to cool things off because Spencer knows her break-up with Asher is still fresh and he doesn’t want to complicate her life.

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