The Rookie – The Hawke – Review: It’s Not Who You Know But What You Know

Tonight’s episode sees Nolan coming head-to-head against his former mentor after he becomes a fugitive and Lucy gets to learn a few street cop tricks to get inside the mind of a criminal from her TO. Plus, Lopez and West have to deal with a tricky shooting case that may not be as easily solved as it looks.

“The Hawke” was written by Fredrick Kotto and directed by Timothy Busfield.

The primary focus of this episode is on Jeremy Hawke (Shawn Christian), Nolan and Bradford’s former training officer. Well, Nolan in the classroom, as Hawke was one of his teachers and a mentor, and Bradford out on the field. Over the years, Nolan has kept in touch with Hawke, nurturing a friendship with him that generally consists of beers and platitudes about their lives.

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